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No light can slither through what's holding me
But Somehow sound is piercing through it seems
As consciousness grabs hold of me
I start to grasp this cruel reality

As I awake to the mess I've created
Devastation of all things
Now it seems that my path has been jaded
Pushed off course by my loathing

Look at me now with your head on the ground
Tell where it is that I have gone wrong
Let me ring out guilt from my hands
turn on the lights and create a new end

This seems to be the mess we bring
Upon ourselves
For all the words that I have said
To bring you all down
I'll take my strength, buried in grief,
Put a stop to this
I'll change the path that I have set for all of this land

You Come to me with your gentle eyes
And pick me straight up from the feelings I held
all of of this time I plotted your demise
You harbor no urges towards revenge
No matter how softly spoken,
words will carry with the wind
And while we both feel this moment right here and right now
we feel it in two separate worlds
yours illuminated by the cycle of feeling and emotion
mine so quiet its nearly nonexistent
You may only have one life,
but now you must live it for the both of us
Because I've already wasted mine away
shattering all that's precious and fragile
and you have remained tranquil and iridescent and loving
and If I could have one last wish
I wish that I never had exist


from Chapter Two: Harmonium, released October 31, 2014



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Evening's Fable Daytona Beach, Florida

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