Chapter Two: Harmonium

by Evening's Fable




released 31 October 2014

All music written by Evening's Fable

Performed by Evening's Fable:
Drums- Don Gitschier
Bass- Ronn Gitschier
Keyboard & Vocals- David Chamberlin

Featured Vocals on Oration by Brandon Jolly (Contacting Nebulas)
Additional Guitar by Alex Budzelik
Additional Guitar on Ties by Ernie England
Gang Vocals on Jukai feature Tabitha Table, Paul Batten, Matt Goings, Martha Lawrence, and Alex Budzelik.

Engineered, Produced, and Mixed by Alex Budzilek
at Sound Mind Studios

Album art by Jessica Lynn McRory

Special thanks: Tabitha Table, Dylan Luck, Paul Sowers, Matt Goings, Paul Batten, Brandon Jolly, Colton Snyder, Sandra Gitschier, Ernie England, Nick Lacuna, Jessica Wolf, Josh Hofmann, Michael Hofmann, Alexis Muh, Ariana Picchiello, Sierra DeAngelo, Brendan Hayden, Barbara Fink, and all the wonderful people who have supported us <3



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Disillusion
This moment lasts an entire night
while the air is as old as ice
I feel the suffering dying
and festering straight into my eyes

We’re not the same, dear
my bodies grown to embrace this fear
the fog is dampening slowly
to set the scene for a confrontational night
your love is in for a fight

Call out and know my name
nothing so precious could ever be tamed
we walk up alone but are greeted at home
by a pestering spy who just barely arrived

Prepare yourself for
you’re not ready for
I feel you’ve been warned
of this night
Something must be born
new creations formed
flesh will be reformed
on this night

Coming forth into moonlight
a silhouette becomes desperate eyes
nothings left but to slaughter
the hopelessness of our naive guest

He franticly grabs at my knife
but I’m gripping it oh just so tight
that I can’t let go
Until a series of mis-steps back
and I’ve fallen right over my path
I’ve lost all control

Now I’m bleeding out
into the cauldron to which I’m bound
as fate would allow
I’m a capable donor just now
To create a new creature
umbilically bound to me
the dazzling shimmer has created catastrophe

Oh my love I’ve ben mistaken
I lost myself within sensation
and although it hurts I’ve been misguided
to ill-decisions

And for all that its worth I’m sorry
I lost myself within stories
and if you can bring yourself to trust me
I think I’ll put an end to this